Art by Grace

The files on this page were created by Grace. They are free for you to take and use on your web pages. Grace has decided to share her work with you through my web page. Please link back to this site if you use any of her images on your web pages. Use my button or banner if you like.

JPEGs: These images are NOT transparent. They are intended to be used on web pages with solid color backgrounds only unless you want a rectangle around the outside of the image. All of the JPEGs here are made for either a black or white background. Those made for a white background have a white rectangle around the outside which will be invisible when placed on a web page with a white background.

Ankh Icon
Witch Symbol Icon

BMPs: These images are NOT transparent. They are high quality, but the file size is larger.


Icons: These files can be used on your desktop or anywhere else you would like to put them.

Icon Implementation Instructions (Windows 95):

1. Save the file to your hard disk by clicking on the hyperlink file name under the image.
2. Find the shortcut you wish to use the icon for.
3. Right-click the shortcut and select "Properties".
4. Click the "Shortcut" tab. 5. Click the "Change Icon" button and then click "Browse".
6. Go to the location that you saved the .ICO files to.
7. Highlight the icon you want and click OK twice.

Ankh Icon
Witch Symbol Icon