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monday 03.06.06 @ 01:08 pm EST | posted by Frank

Here comes the sun

sealion-zoo (58k image)

This is my final souvenir from New York. A couple days after the blizzard, perhaps Feb. 14, I was walking through Central Park and decided to pass through the zoo. The Central Park Zoo is great because you can see the sea lion pool from outside the gate and don't have to pay, though they are often just swimming in circles below the surface of the water. Well that day one of the sea lions was sitting up on the rock soaking up all the sun, and I think posing for us onlookers. He is one of the cutest animals in the zoo, matched in cuteness only by the penguins, the sea otters, and the happy family of red pandas (and the polar bear sometimes, except I find him kind of depressing, lying unhappily in the mud all day).

friday 03.03.06 @ 11:15 am EST | posted by Frank

Republican ladies love Michael Lucas

lucasharmon (37k image)

Who knew that proud Republican Lee Ann Womack and top cheerleader for President Bush Angie Harmon had any eye for quality?

It is common knowledge that Michael Lucas makes some of the hottest (and most expensive) smut in the business, but until now I thought it was only the men of the right wing who knew anything about gay porn. Posing with Lucas during NY Fashion Week, apparently these two ladies are quite familiar. Perhaps they're trying to con him into giving them some freebies? Or maybe a sneak preview of the new porno movie starring Clay Aiken's bareback sex partner John Paulus?

lucaswomack (37k image)
"Michael, I hope you daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaance..."

thursday 03.02.06 @ 07:40 pm EST | posted by Frank

Hot Crab says: "Stop tilting your frigging head down ..."

Frank says: "The scary squinty-eyed lip monster ..."

bmad says: "he looks like a monster in ..."

Press-on madness

nailwindow (89k image)

Look carefully at the flowers hanging on the wall. Yes, it is a mosaic, but those are not ancient ceramic tiles. They are press-on nails of every color. Some genius at the nail salon on 9th Ave. and 23rd St. in New York crafted this incredible piece of art, and it hangs in their window. No need to pay admission.

thursday 03.02.06 @ 11:50 am EST | posted by Frank

The warmest spot in New York

winterbirds01 (69k image)

Not everyone had to get around on skis during the blizzard. During a Feb. 12 walk in Central Park with snow falling all around, I discovered where all the ducks and other birds were spending the snowy day: in the water and the trees.

winterbirds02 (59k image)

wednesday 03.01.06 @ 12:04 pm EST | posted by Frank

Neither rain nor sleet nor gloom of night

skier5thave (52k image)
shall stay these shoppers from 5th Ave on a Sunday. This man came all the way from New England with his cross-country skis just so he could finally get those beautiful Asprey cufflinks he had been wanting. Too bad Asprey was closed along with other shops on Feb. 12, the day of the big blizzard in New York. The man really was lucky to have skied out alive considering the commonly-known fact that New York drivers tend to ignore all traffic rules and signals in the face of inclimate weather. "Who can think about stopping at a red light?? It's SNOWING for Christ's sake!"

We tried to do a little shopping that day as well, but our destination was closed as well. The staff at Takashimaya, the Japanese store with all the beautiful plants in their front window, probably didn't feel like laying down cardboard for all the wet feet. Fortunately for us, they were open the next day.

tuesday 02.28.06 @ 12:07 pm EST | posted by Frank

The Pope might disagree with you!

catholicscondoms (26k image)

Oh it feels good to be home again after such a long journey South. New York is as expensive as ever, but the subway made me feel downright nostalgic after enduring the Toronto streetcars for a few months now. Actually, I usually just drive my car because the idea of enduring the streetcar gives me a headache. Just yesterday I waited over thirty minutes for a Toronto bus at 1:30pm on a Friday. But I digress.

Now that I've come back from New York, I have some souvenirs that I will share with you over the next few days. The first is this public service announcement: Good Catholics Use Condoms. Now if only Britney Spears were Catholic instead of whatever she is at the moment.

monday 02.27.06 @ 11:53 am EST | posted by Frank

Scott says: "Sacred gay sex is hot ..."

Frank says: "And I thought the whole idea ..."

bmad says: "you missed the gay version http ..."

So appetizing

gyrolady (53k image)

I later found out the fate of the poor sandwich from yesterday's entry. At least he left this world gazing upon beauty.

friday 02.03.06 @ 12:16 pm EST | posted by Frank

yadoge says: "Very nice blog Hugs from Italy ..."

Pleased to meet you, too.

newsandwich (43k image)

This timid little sandwich decided to don a very cute "I'm New" sticker to help make friends in the big city. I think he was on the right track until he decided to sit under the heatlamp in a deli. I hate to blame the victim, but he will probably meet a grisly end.

thursday 02.02.06 @ 09:44 pm EST | posted by Frank

America's youngest 61-year-old

jeffries-abercrombie (69k image)

Abercrombie & Fitch CEO Mike Jeffries has made a fortune telling boys what to wear, and making his brand of sexy masculinity the standard in the United States. Over the years he has slowly taken on the qualities he is trying to instill in American youth, with frightening results. And what does he have to say about it? "Dude, I'm not an old fart who wears his jeans up at his shoulders."

Check out Salon's hilarious interview with Mr. Jeffries and I promise you will never see A&F the same again.

NOTE: !! omg blog !! will be publishing on a lighter schedule over the next couple of weeks because the editor is taking a trip to New York.

wednesday 02.01.06 @ 12:17 pm EST | posted by Frank

lolhillary says: "he's insane ..."

Hillary says: "Mike Jeffries is obviously extremely smart ..."

Brandon says: "God that man is scary I ..."

Clay Aiken caught in the (gay) act

gayclayaiken-cen (91k image)

Not only did Page Six print the news today of Clay Aiken hooking up for gay sex with a horny ex-soldier, but there is more bad news for the American Idol star. Incriminating nude photos of his military tryst have surfaced today on the Internet, and you can only find them here. Uncensored photo after the jump [NSFW]!

[[ OMG, there's more! READ THE REST ]]

friday 01.27.06 @ 11:43 am EST | posted by Frank

Dorthy says: "Clay Aiken denied he is gay ..."

Frank says: "I thought you were going to ..."

Jason Jeremiah says: "Frank please update your site as ..."

Jennie & Jesse: Equally INTENSE

jenniejesse01 (17k image)
jenniejesse02 (17k image)

When you've seen one teen heartthrob you've seen them all. Famous for playing Kelly Taylor on Beverly Hills 90210, actress Jennie Garth is an expert at coquettish sidelong glances and flirtatious smirks. Another blonde beauty, teen pop munchkin Jesse McCartney, seems to have borrowed from Big Sister's playbook. If they were not separated at birth, they certainly have all the same faces. Fortunately though for Jesse, he doesn't have to live in Brenda's shadow.

jenniejesse03 (27k image)
jenniejesse04 (23k image)

RELATED: Sharon Stone and Aaron Carter. Also oddly similar.

thursday 01.26.06 @ 01:42 pm EST | posted by Frank

Brandon says: "God I hate that twink but ..."