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thursday | october 13 | 2005

Shawn stole the TV!

jerrishawn (21k image)

Martha Stewart's Apprentice was on tonight, but I'm not watching it till tomorrow, so please don't ruin it for me. I've been mulling over crazy Shawn who got kicked off last week, and realized that she is Jerri Blank's twin! Harriet Miers is nothing more than a distant cousin when faced with this close resemblance.

Though she is an obvious sociopath who managed to alienate the entire live audience of Martha's daytime show following her defeat on The Apprentice, I assume Shawn must go on some dates, which of course begs the question: does she like both the pole and the hole? (Thanks to Scott for the screen cap)

[posted by Frank]


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YUM My name is Shawn I love to eat Power Bars all episode and laugh maniacally!!!!!

Kyle said @ 02:18 pm EST