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thursday | september 16 | 2004

Tinkerbell hates hurricanes

tinkerbell (17k image)I wonder if it was Paris Hilton's love of animals that persuaded the Hilton Hotel in New Orleans to welcome pets in preparation for Hurricane Ivan. Fortunately, the hurricane did not submerge New Orleans in 20 feet of raw sewage and chemical waste, as was expected, and will ravage the inland instead.

They were pretty lucky, but I don't think I would want to live somewhere where I had to think about the possibility of a turd tsunami coming in through my window. Hopefully all the residents of New Orleans will be able to return to their homes in time for the premiere of Survivor: Vanuatu, tonight at 8pm on CBS!

ALSO: The NY Press has put their "Best of Manhattan" survey online. If you answer no other question, make sure to put !! omg blog !! down as your favorite NYC blog. Don't forget the URL.

[posted by Frank]