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thursday | march 10 | 2005

Another ticket to PARADISE?

Last week, I was lamenting the fact that there are just too many TV shows I want to watch right show. Where could I find the time? I'm going to miss so much. I wasn't even the only one who recognized the oncoming glut of quality shows: Top Model premiered last week, and looks promising; The Amazing Race also just premiered; Survivor is in full swing with a very sexy and interesting cast; and there are lesbians on The OC!

However, following Darlene's outrageously unfair exit from Wickedly Perfect a couple weeks ago, and after watching an especially boring episode of The Amazing Race this past Tuesday, my anxiety briefly subsided, only to be replaced by pure gut-wrenching excitement and anticipation, because... PARADISE HOTEL MIGHT RETURN FOR A SECOND SEASON STARRING THE SAME CAST!!!!!!!!

In case you forgot why Paradise Hotel is the best show ever, recall each cast member, ranked by their looks. Then remember the drama. Remember, and if you think Fox should bring us back to PARADISE this summer (with the lovely Amanda Byram as our guide, of course), write a short e-mail to the producers, telling them how bringing back Paradise Hotel would really be giving all of America the ULTIMATE PRIZE.

[posted by Frank]


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How do you ever keep up with all these shows?? :D I only ever watch TV once in a blue moon, and even then it's usually just a movie.

Jaymus said @ 03:01 am EST