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tuesday | june 21 | 2005

Pieces of April (the month)

Sixteen days is quite a long time to spend in L.A. talking about Mission Impossible III, so what could Katie Holmes have been doing during her April sojourn, during which she met with Tom Cruise and after which she emerged fully in love? Perhaps she was dining with upper-level Scientologists; they did have all that food left over after Scarlett Johansson ran away screaming. Roger Friedman at Fox News has written a fascinating timeline/expose of Katie's time away that will make you wonder if they spent that time chastly cuddling, working out a very complicated contract, or cramming for the 343-question mandatory Scientology intake exam.

I'd like to apologize to you all for posting two days in a row about Katie Holmes, but I did love her in Wonder Boys and Pieces of April, and I guess it all just seems like such an intriguing sham(e). For the rest of you who don't care, here is an outrageous tidbit: Oprah was denied entry to the Hermès store in Paris because they thought she was a thieving North African. Apparently she didn't have her hair done, but she must have been wearing something expensive. Where did they find their doorman? Or maybe all French people are racist. (from Page Six via The Superficial)

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The more I learn about KHo and TCru the more they terrorfy me to my core. Eeek!

Flesh von Wintoor said @ 09:10 pm EST