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tuesday | july 26 | 2005

I want to be famous!

apollo (16k image)Have you yet heard of fashion superstar Apollo Braun? His designs include things like t-shirts made out of aluminum foil held together with staples, decorated with Barbie doll heads and the word "fuck." Hand-washable only of course. He has sold pieces to such celebrities as Britney, Björk, and those who are unmentionable.

Known to repeat the wish/affirmation "I want to be famous" every day, Mr. Braun is pressing onward with his unique vision, holding a fashion show on Aug. 12 that is so edgy that it might actually fall over the edge. It involves male and female models wearing Hitler mustaches and Stars of David lying on the runway in dresses, poking each other with safety pins and spanking each other with Barbie dolls. The owner of Crobar, where the show is to be held, has expressed reservations about the concept.

No doubt the fashion show will also feature music by Mr. Braun, who is simultaneously trying to become the "male Madonna" all while becoming the Most Fabulous It Boy of the Fashion World. For his past shows, he has been known to loop his two hit singles ("Sexy" and "Shut Up!") since he is still in the process of writing more. You can find these songs on his demo CD along with my personal favorite, the more introspective "I Love You" [mp3 sample].

My first and only encounter with Apollo Braun was when I unwittingly walked into his store on Orchard St. and witnessed him trying desperately to convince this fat girl to buy one of his "one size fits all" skirts. She was expressing some doubt, but I believe his fervent use of the word "fabulous" spoken with his exotic Israeli(ish) accent eventually won her over. Oh, how I miss New York.

[posted by Frank]


OMG! 3 comments!

also looks like a young nick cave. if you squint. at night. out of your skull. on ludes...

drunkenmachine said @ 06:31 am EST

Ha! You tell it better than I. Madge, do you still have the $100 "Fuck you.com" t-shirt you bought?

Frank said @ 03:31 pm EST

Frank! I was with you the day we went in that store. That was hilarious. I seem to remember that he was trying to convince her to buy the skirt despite the fact that it would only zip halfway and cost $200. She kept turning around in front of the mirror, pouting and bitching, but eventually gave in.

Madge said @ 01:08 pm EST