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wednesday | august 17 | 2005

Puffy AmiYumi Bukkake

puffyamiyumi (73k image)

Japanese Pop (or "JPop" as it is affectionately called by fans) duo/cartoon characters Puffy AmiYumi have just released the music video for their song "Joining a Fanclub" off the hit record/soundtrack to their cartoon series "Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi." I'm not going to tell you what happens in it, but I will say they are not preparing noodles. You can watch the whole video on their website. WARNING: The video is completely safe for work and ten-year-olds have already seen it. But still: ew.

[posted by Frank]


OMG! 11 comments!

for the love of god people get ova it this song just simply rocks so will you all stop whining don't cry ova spilt milk (lol)by the way no doubt roxk but it sounds nufin like the opening of just a girl god you people keep me young!!

Little old Lady said @ 11:24 am EST

haha, hot.

Wannabeleader said @ 09:21 pm EST

Jellyfish's Andy Sturmer has worked with PuffyAmiYumi for a long time.

duh said @ 01:21 pm EST

the MTV look like people throw sperm on thier face..

Qiu said @ 09:09 am EST

I've been a semi-loyal fan of this group for a while, they are called 'Puffy' in Japan, but I guess someone in the USA decided it sounds too much like Puff Daddy (aka 'P Ditty', and recently just plain 'Ditty')

I caught their show during the USA tour a few months ago, it was awesome. They have some beatle-esque songs, some bubble-gum oldies style songs too.

But they are more then just your average pop rock group. Yeah, cartoon network is promoting them non-stop and yeah they bite a lot of style and riffs from other groups, but they have their own distinct flavour and they are definitly a talented, tight band.

Edawg said @ 03:25 pm EST

The song is a cover you idiots. Originally by Jellyfish from Spilt Milk. Way before fucking Gwen Stefani. MTV makes you retarded, and you are proof.

The Raging Music Nazi said @ 11:29 am EST

LOLEX... thanks for sharing this, found out about it through Boing Boing... "original" is such a lame word to describe this. Delightful visuals.

Not just me that notices the opening riff sounds (even with my poor ears) like No Doubt's "Just A Girl", hrmmm?

Torley Wong/Torley Torgeson said @ 06:06 am EST

Hmmm, interesting...fun...cute. But it's a cover, not an original. The original was by Jellyfish on their album Spilt Milk; if ya like Pet Sounds, you'll like that album.

rokket said @ 03:02 am EST

And the long-haired one has a Siouxsie shirt on. :-)

SamSam said @ 09:01 am EST

What will they think of next!

Negative said @ 03:36 am EST

That's Hee larious!

Michael K said @ 06:10 pm EST