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wednesday | september 7 | 2005

Will Arnold sign the gay marriage bill?

arnoldveto (75k image)

With the new gay marriage bill having won healthy majorities in the California Senate and, as of this morning, the State Assembly, the only obstacle to legal same-sex marriage in California is The Governator. If he chooses the conservative option of vetoing the bill, he will actually be doing the gayer thing in that he will be fucking thousands of gay men all over California (out of their rights now approved by the California state congress, which is a body of elected officials, I might add).

Please call Gov. Schwarzenegger at 916-445-2841 or email him here and urge him to sign the gay marriage bill. He has expressed support for same-sex marriage rights in the past. Don't let him cave to right-wing pressure.

[posted by Frank]


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OMG - I remember seeing this pic in an old Playboy back in the early nineties, back before being governor was even thought of. I can't believe it reappeared. It's impressive, though, ain't it?

jag said @ 05:08 pm EST

i wanna marry my best male friend

?? said @ 07:34 am EST