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thursday | november 24 | 2005

Celebrities jump on gay marriage bandwagon

charlizeandstu (33k image)Stuart Townsend and Charlize Theron, pictured at left whispering in a boat, have recently made an exciting announcement: they are getting gay married! It is their long-awaited response to questions swirling around as to whether and when they were going to finally wed. When asked about the upcoming nuptials, Theron (a fervent supporter of homosexuals) responded, "Stuart and I think it is so important to stand with our gay brothers and lesbian sisters in their ongoing fight against discrimination. In times like these, it takes courage to stand up to those who are trying to make you a SECOND CLASS citizen, and that is why we have decided to have a fabulous, very expensive gay wedding! It will be FIRST CLASS all the way!" When reminded by a bystander that gay weddings are illegal in the United States except for in Massachusetts, which has a residency requirement that neither Townsend nor Theron fulfill, the actress quietly explained that they were having the ceremony in Vancouver. (via Pop Culture Junkies)

Now here is the next logical question, in the immortal words of my grandmother: Which one will wear the wedding dress?

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Fillings are important, not sex, if they do this it is only their business. The best wishes on new way of life.

Mike said @ 07:15 am EST