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thursday | january 26 | 2006

Jennie & Jesse: Equally INTENSE

jenniejesse01 (17k image)
jenniejesse02 (17k image)

When you've seen one teen heartthrob you've seen them all. Famous for playing Kelly Taylor on Beverly Hills 90210, actress Jennie Garth is an expert at coquettish sidelong glances and flirtatious smirks. Another blonde beauty, teen pop munchkin Jesse McCartney, seems to have borrowed from Big Sister's playbook. If they were not separated at birth, they certainly have all the same faces. Fortunately though for Jesse, he doesn't have to live in Brenda's shadow.

jenniejesse03 (27k image)
jenniejesse04 (23k image)

RELATED: Sharon Stone and Aaron Carter. Also oddly similar.

[posted by Frank]


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God I hate that twink, but you have a great eye. They could defo be sisters.

Brandon said @ 01:41 pm EST