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thursday | june 9 | 2005

Celestial real estate

madonna.kabbalah (32k image)Not content just to walk through a door of miracles, Madonna is determined to own one, or several. According to This is London, the most-famous-Kabbalist has spent close to $3 million on a building near her house in London to serve as a "stop-over" for Kabbalists who are visiting the city and don't want to stay in a tacky, non-spiritual hotel.

In addition to this little luxury, Madonna has already purchased another building in London's West End to serve as Kabbalah HQ, and has also spent a whopping $21.6 million to open the "Kabbalist Grammar School For Children" in New York, which I have heard nothing about since last August. I wonder if it ever opened or if $3600/term was too hefty even for celebrity moms and dads. Maybe when Britney's baby (girl?) is born...

[posted by Frank]