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thursday | june 9 | 2005

We must be blind


Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have been raising a family of blonde children under our noses and not even the Star found out about it. Things have just not been the same since Bonnie Fuller left. Anyway, don't ask me where I found this photo, but I can reveal that you won't see it anywhere else until next month. (click photo for larger version)

[posted by Frank]


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I think Cat put it nicely.

I've found them facinating as a new couple.
I felt sad for Jen at the beginning, but after the time and of course the movie, this idea of Brangelina is growing on me.

I kinda wanna get to know what the hell went on them, and what they were thinkin. Would be good for my psych class.

Viv said @ 12:26 am EST

Maybe brad cheated on Jen with Angelina and is a complete ass who fucked up and Jen couldn't forgive him so he's trying to save some face by doing this BS and pretending he doesn't give a shit...or he's a complete ass with no feelings, in which case it won't last long.

no-comment said @ 11:25 pm EST

This is the lamest shameful self promoting shit that I have ever seen. Jen can do much better than this prick. Angelina is a skank!

aces said @ 12:49 pm EST

I think it was better when we just watched people being ripped apart by wild animals in the coliseum. At least it was honest.

john said @ 11:12 pm EST

except for the herpes wish (bad karma!), i agree with GBU. before this, i liked brad and angelina, now i can't stand them. it's wierd feeling such things about celebrities i don't even know.

hilary said @ 09:23 am EST

Er, GBU. Wake up and smell the toast. Lose fans? They will be bigger than ever after this weekend(...and it's hard to imagine them being any more gi-normous than they already are, but they will be!)

This film's box office will be INSANE.

Brangie said @ 02:21 am EST

this pic is from w magazine and there are plenty more in the set. The shoot was all Brad's idea. Kind of like the perfect 60s family with issues

xxajpxx said @ 12:36 pm EST

They look good together and seem to have a really good chemistry between them. And the fact that Brad has been doing all this and not bothered by it just proves how Jen has really fucked up. Maybe she's done something horribly wrong that Brad just couldn't forgive her...

Andie said @ 12:00 pm EST

i just think their 60 pages of pictures in W magazine is a slap in the face for Jen. Pitt's pretty fucked up for agreeing to posing pictures where it looks as if Jolie and him are married.

Ewin said @ 10:51 am EST

They have actually gained me as a fan...they were kind of ho-hum before all this drama. Now, as the most gorgeous couple ever, they are fascinating.

Cat said @ 10:41 am EST

Oh they don't care about little old me. Besides, look: http://www.style.com/w/feat_story/060605/popup/slideshow1.html

Frank said @ 10:23 am EST

careful that you dont get sued like justjared

lala said @ 10:11 am EST

GBU: calm the f*ck down. You sounding like you're part of the relationship or something.LOL. Like you're in the know of what really happened in their lives.

Vocis: nice site!

sargasm said @ 10:53 pm EST

They're both whores. I hope they get the worst case of genital herpes/warts. Even if Jenn is a cold-hearted bitch, no decent human being would do something like this. Both the whores have lost many a fan.

GBU said @ 10:03 pm EST