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friday | july 15 | 2005

Happy Birthday to me!

bday2005 (56k image)

My birthday was actually on Wednesday, but I was having so much birthday fun with my grandma that I didn't get to post until now. We visited some local Toronto attractions, such as the downtown castle Casa Loma (pronounced locally "CASSA Loma") and the Royal Ontario Museum, which currently has a fascinating feathered dinosaur exhibit. It turns out that all birds are in fact dinosaurs! So the next time you get out your binoculars to watch for your feathered friends, you'd better call it "dinosaur-watching."

In the annual tradition, if you want to buy me a present, a cd, or even just buy some adspace, I would welcome such gifts as part of my very special day or just as thanks for writing your favorite blog.

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Yay! Happy Birthday! (I didn't know they celebrated birthdays in Canada.)

dana said @ 01:05 pm EST